MUDs and MUDding

If you're not familiar with MUDs, an introduction is in order.
MUD stands for Multi-User Domain.  Most MUDs are something akin to "virtual 
reality environments" where people can meet and explore different "worlds".  

If you're interested in learning more about MUDs and MUDding, I'd recommend 
checking out The Mud Connector which is a great resource for 
everything you need, including introductory help, software sources, lists 
of MUDs, history, sociological studies, development tools, etc. etc.  

That being said, the purpose of this page is really to focus on
MY character, Alianna Belise, and her explorations.

Alianna Belise

I created the character, Alianna Belise, in 1994.  Over the
course of the next four years, I spent ENTIRELY too much time
exploring different MUDs and their areas.  While Alianna and
I are, of course, the same people - I have a great time role-playing
with her and I enjoy the opportunity to "act out" differently
in an environment that encourages experimentation.  Thus, please 
excuse me as I refer to my character in the 3rd person -- she is 
effectively something that I have developed separate from my true self.
Currently, I spend the majority of my mudding time in a world
called Our Place which has over 100 areas available for exploration.

Alianna is a sorcerer with both the magical fighting skills of an enchanter 
as well as the healing and protective powers of a cleric.  
Looking at her, you see the following:

A strange sense of inner strength emanates from the woman 
standing here.  Her appearance is striking, yet simple.  Her 
deep blue eyes reflect years of experience though her long 
silver hair remains untamed -- flowing down her back in a 
mass of wild, twisting strands.  Despite her tall thin build, 
you detect some slightly elven qualities.  She studies your 
features, then offers her assistance.

Alianna is a member of the Harpers guild at Our Place which helps 
other players adapt to the environment, find equipment for their adventures, 
and locate the training they need to survive the challenges of 
living in a world with dragons, wraiths and other nasty creatures.

In addition to serving the call of the Harpers, Alianna is working on
the restoration of The Gardens at the Cloisters and maintains a small
retreat as well.  There, you'll find that she keeps a library containing
all sorts of books and guides on the land and people of Our Place.  You are 
welcome to peruse them at your leisure.  While they apply to Our Place, 
many of the areas are similar on other MUDs and you may find them helpful even 
if Our Place is not your first choice of realm.

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