An Introduction...

Eventually, these pages will serve as introductions to 
both my real life self, Wendy Jones Rafn, and my alter 
egos in the land of electrons.

I've spent a number of months (ok - years, what's time anyway?)
putting off building a web page because I just didn't know where 
to start.  It's always so strange to go about writing a dialogue
which will be placed in a public forum for ALL to view. 
Nevertheless, I've finally committed to building the following resources:

The Biography of Alianna Belise - Mud Resources of a Harper
    Alianna Belise and her sisters are MUD characters.
    I've been using mudding as relaxation for several
    years.  Hopefully you'll be able to benefit from my
    waste of time by finding useful information stashed away
    here (maps, equipment lists, introductions to mudding,
    and so on and so on.)

The Biography of Wendy Jones Rafn
    I'm a rather private person, hence the lack of a web page for
    such a long time.  Nevertheless, those who want to know more
    about the woman behind the fingers -- this will be the place.

The Page of Passtimes
    I have a variety of hobbies.  Chances are, you don't have
    the same ones.  Furthermore, if you DO have the same ones,
    it's highly likely that you've already been to all these links.
    Nonetheless, they'll be here for your reference, enjoyment, 
    perusal, or whatever.  Enjoy?

These pages are currently under construction.
They really need a lot of work, if the truth is to be known.

This project was started on June 6, 1998 at approximately 6:30 pm PST.
It was last updated on June 12, 2008 at approximately 12:30 pm PST.

Don't expect miracles to happen overnight... in fact at this rate, don't expect them to happen at all.

Wendy Jones Rafn

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