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The Art of Training

I believe that a fundamental part of enjoying mudding comes from EXPLORING. Thats why I'm a Harper. Of course, exploring 100 areas of 100+ rooms apiece takes a while so locating trainers is a difficult task. Nevertheless, I believe the Gods would frown upon me if I shared too much information about their divinely trained. Hopefully both you and they will bear with me if I settle on merely pointing you down the right path. You do have a set of maps, don't you?

Expert of Last Known Address
2-handed axe The Keep of Mahn-Tor
2-handed sword Old Thalos
axe Haon D'or
blade New Sparta
boomrang Ultima
chain Dangerous Neighborhood
club The Village of Anon
club The Keep of Mahn-Tor
crossbow The Keep of Mahn-Tor
dagger High Tower of Sorcery
dagger Kerofk
dagger Underdark
flail Mount Doom
hammer Dwarven Mines
hammer Land of the Cult
hammer Milarbor
hammer Olympus
hand to hand Shaolin Temple
knife The Circus
long bow Ultima
long club The Temple of White Lotus
long dagger Midgaard
longsword Atlantis
longsword Elemental Canyon
longsword Drow Village
longsword Solace
normal Atlantis
normal Milarbor
mace Midgaard
rapier Ultima or
rapier Mirror Realm
saber Great Eastern Desert
saber Shaolin Temple
scimitar Great Eastern Desert
scimitar High Tower of Sorcery
short bow Antharia
short bow Milarbor
short bow Shire
short club Dangerous Neighborhood
short sword Midgaard
short sword Old Thalos
short sword Shire
small axe Shire
small dagger Isle of Quake
small dagger Kerofk
small dagger Old Thalos
small dagger Shire
spear Atlantis
spear Isle of Quake
spear Olympus
sword The Keep of Mahn-Tor
sword Midgaard
sword Old Thalos
trident Milarbor
warhammer Astral Plane
whip Elemental Canyon

Unfortunately, several of the Godsí chosen continue to elude me.
My travels are not complete, even now I quest for the remaining 
experts.  Should you encounter them in your travels, I would love 
a hint as to where they reside.  However, PLEASE don't tell me 
exactly where they are though - I do enjoy the hunt.

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