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This site is not for public viewing by anyone except members of Shadows of the Unseen. It will eventually be moved to the private website, once I get my act together.

The following items are available to primary characters of The Shadows the Unseen on a permanent basis, free of charge, ONLY if you will use them regularly (translate: more than 50% of the time). Secondary characters or primary characters that wish to use these occasionally may work out some form of borrowing arrangement, however these items must be returned when you outgrow them. As you can see, I don't have a "fabulously cool" inventory -- although there are a few items that I have used recently, and I'm willing to believe that a few primary characters might be able to use them. Of course if it was obvious to me which primaries would use them -- I'd have already approached you.

In the absence of any requests from guild members, these items will be sold at the weekly bazaar for whatever price Ashwith deems reasonable (or more to the point, whatever price she deems does not screw individuals over).

NOTE: Categorizations of armor and weapons are approximate. If you are a hybrid, you may find items of interest in both caster and melee sections. Also, I've taken special care to misspell things where Verant has misspelled



  • Enameled Black Mace (1H)
  • Orcish Mace (1H)
  • Sharkbone Warhammer (1H)


  • Slime Coated Harpoon
  • Dragoon Dirk


  • Runed Falchion (1H)
  • An Executioners Axe (2H)
  • Lamentation Blade (2H)
  • Runic Carver (2H)
  • Worn Crescent Axe (2H)


    Wisdom-Based Casters:

  • Adamantite Epolets
  • Burnyai Legion Gi
  • Cape of Midnight Mist
  • Charred Guardian Shield
  • Drolvarg Mantle
  • Jasper Gold Earring (2)
  • Nightshade Wreath
  • Sarnak Emblazened Tabard
  • Snakeskin Jerkin
  • Tattered Mantle

    Intelligence-Based Casters:

  • Cape of Midnight Mist
  • Nightshade Wreath


  • Charred Guardian Breastplate
  • Drolvarg Mantle
  • Iksar Scaled Gloves
  • Sarnak Emblazened Tabard
  • Serpentine Bracer
  • Snakeskin Jerkin (2)
  • Tattered Mantle
  • Truesilver Mail Coif