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Shadows of the Unseen - SpellSearch

Following are the spells needed by your guildmates!
If you receive a spell that a primary is missing, please pass it to them. If you receive a spell that a secondary is missing, please spend considerable time thinking about its worth before you sell it. Can the guild can benefit more from that person being capable of casting the spell, or whether the cash value is more important for the good of all primaries? Only secondaries with a level of 45 or greater are listed here.

THANKS IN ADVANCE for letting the guild and/or Ashwith know when you fill a need, so we can congratulate everyone and update this page!

          Immune Llewyn Boni Fearless
  39 Turning of the Unnatural Velious Cleric     X  
  44 Celestial Healing Velious Cleric     X  
  50 Improved ITU Velious Cleric        
  50 Sunskin Kunark Cleric        
  51 Death Pact Kunark Cleric     X  
  52 Heroic Bond Kunark Cleric        
  52 Upheaval Kunark Cleric       N
  52 Word of Vigor Kunark Cleric       o
  53 Yaulp IV Kunark Cleric        
  54 Reckoning Kunark Cleric       I
  55 Fortitude Kunark Cleric     X n
  55 Stun Command Velious Cleric X X X f
  56 Mark of Karn Kunark Cleric     X o
  56 Paralyzing Earth Research Cleric     X r
  57 Aegis Kunark Cleric X   X m
  57 Word of Restoration Kunark Cleric     X a
  58 Antidote Kunark Cleric X X X t
  58 Enforced Reverence Kunark Cleric X X X i
  58 Naltrons Mark Kunark Cleric     X o
  59 Celestial Elixir Kunark Cleric X   X n
  59 The Unspoken Word Kunark Cleric X   X  
  60 Aegolism Velious Cleric     X  
  60 Banishment of Shadows Kunark Cleric     X  
  60 Divine Intervention Kunark Cleric     X  
  60 Word of Redemption Kunark Cleric X X X  

          Amoran Cameleon Talisaen Valdayana
  39 Wandering Mind Velious Enchanter     X  
  44 Boon of the Garou Velious Enchanter        
  50 Improved Invisibility Velious Enchanter        
  51 Theft of Thought Kunark Enchanter        
  52 Color Slant Kunark Enchanter        
  53 Cripple Kunark Enchanter N N    
  54 Dementia Kunark Enchanter o o    
  55 Gift of Insight Velious Enchanter     X X
  55 Largarn's Lamentation Kunark Enchanter I I X  
  55 Wind of Tashani Kunark Enchanter n n X  
  55 Zumaik's Animation Kunark Enchanter f f X  
  56 Augment Kunark Enchanter o o    
  56 Torment of Argli Kunark Enchanter r r X X
  57 Enlightenment Kunark Enchanter m m    
  57 Forlorn Deeds Kunark Enchanter a a X  
  57 Umbra Kunark Enchanter t t    
  58 Bedlam Kunark Enchanter i i X  
  59 Asphyxiate Kunark Enchanter o o X  
  59 Gift of Pure Thought Kunark Enchanter n n X  
  60 Dictate Kunark Enchanter     X  
  60 Visions of Grandeur Kunark Enchanter        
  60 Wind of Tishanian Kunark Enchanter     X  
  60 Gift of Brilliance Velious Enchanter     X  

Last Updated on 03/04/2001
By Ashwith Fairfever